About Bar in the Community

Are you a legal professional or barrister? Do you want to help the community doing something that uses the skills and knowledge you have but in a different way?

Bar in the Community encourages and facilitates voluntary work by lawyers and others working in the legal sector in their local communities. In doing so, they use their legal skills but do not give legal advice.

What could you do?

Individuals fill a number of vacancies including being a trustee for a charity (a board level position assisting with strategy and key decision making), assisting with mock trial competitions, proof reading or assisting with the creation of materials for use by charities (i.e. for a project about a particular area of law), mentoring advice workers, debating projects and more.

These can be both long standing commitments such as the trustee positions or for one off or short term commitments.


Please complete the BIC application form to receive relevant suggestions based on your interests. You can browse our current opportunities and contact us if you are interested in a particular vacancy.